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How to Price and Sell your Houston home to Make a Profit

How to price to sell and still make a profit The asking price you set for your home significantly affects whether you will profit in the sale, how much you will profit and how long your home will sit on the market. Your real estate agent’s knowledge of the overall market and what’s selling – […]

Importance of Pricing @ Fair Market Value

Importance of Pricing (Fair Market Value) The Fair Market Value (FMV) of your home is determined by the market – that is, what today’s buyers are willing to pay. Buyers are comparing your home to other homes now on the market.         Buyers do NOT care about: What your neighbors say What another […]

Increasing Your Houston Home’s Curb Appeal

Increasing your Houston home’s “Curb” appeal Remember the 60-second rule: That’s all the time you have to create a winning first impression. Here are some simple to significant ways to maximize your home’s appeal.         Exterior  Keep the grass cut and remove all yard clutter.  Weed and apply fresh mulch to flower […]