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First time local Houston Home Buyers

First time local Houston Home Buyers First Time Local Houston Home Buyer Expert First time local Houston Home Buyers Buying Your First Home? Realtors Are Your Professional Guides! Hey, we’ve been there before, too! You might be a bit afraid or intimidated by the whole process of buying your first home, or maybe you feel like you don’t even know where to start. It’s our job to guide you, from beginning to end. We promise you will be expertly represented, and we will take the time to fully explain everything, every step of the way. There are no dumb questions! ... Read more

How to find the Best Houston Home

How to find the Best Houston Home? How to Find the Right Houston home How to Find the Right Home Looking for a home? You can search most everything the Internet has to offer, right here on our website! You can either search yourself or have us personally search for a Home, Lot, or Acreage that matches your criteria… for free and without obligation. You can Search the MLS ® for All-Types of properties right from our website! We don’t want you to feel hassled or rushed, so just browse around and check out our web site. It’s a great ... Read more

Benefits of Using a local Houston Real Estate Agent

Benefits of working with a local Houston Real Estate Agent Benefits of Using a Local Houston Real Estate Agent Benefits of Using an Agent Time is Money How much is your time worth? $___________ per hour. If you don’t use a real estate professional, expect to spend at least 100 hours selling your home – assuming there are no problems! Considering your work, family, and personal commitments, is that the best use of your time? It’s a Big Deal Selling (and buying) a home is a big deal. Most people don’t sell more than two homes in their lifetime, so it’s not something they ... Read more

Houston Home Buyer Frequently Asked Questions

Houston Home Buyer Frequently Asked Questions First time home buyer frequently asked questions Most commonly asked questions when buying a Home Q. How much can I afford? The loan amount you qualify for depends on your income, credit rating, current monthly expenses, down payment and the interest rate. We encourage you to contact your local Houston mortgage officer Q. Where can I find the best loan? To find the best deal on a loan, you need to talk to several lenders, compare their fees and upfront costs and interest rates and negotiate to get a better deal. We STRONGLY encourage you to ... Read more

Houston Home Buyer’s Guide – Step by Step

Houston Home Buyer’s Guide Selling A House and Getting Top Dollar Step-by-step guide to Purchasing a Houston Home Are you searching to purchase a new home? We’ve provided a step-by-step guide of what first to do and the home buying process! Select a Realtor®. Buying a home is one of the largest decisions in your life. Let Nema Ghalamdanchi, Broker / Owner of 007 Signature Realty help. Our broker is seasoned for one Decade of full-time experience in Greater Houston., and specializes in making the purchasing process as easy and stress-free as possible. No other real estate Broker knows the greater Houston market better! ... Read more

The many decisions to Buying and Selling your home

So Many Decisions There is so much to think about when selling your home: 1) Is it a buyers’ market or a sellers’ market? How can I price my home so that it sells quickly? 2) What marketing strategies are effective and will sell my home quickly? 3) What’s this thing called “curb appeal?” 4) What should I do to have my home in top-selling condition? 5) How much should I fix? How much should I leave as-is? 6) How much of a hassle is involved in showing my home? 7) Should I try to sell my home all by myself? Or ... Read more

Buying a Home

There are cracks in the foundation. Nothing structural. Nothing that’s going to threaten the stability of the home, but they’re there. Nooks, crannies and holes through which seeps an invisible threat. Colorless, odorless and undetectable by your average human, it is nonetheless the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States. Radon gas – even the name sounds ominous, evoking images of radiation and nuclear devastation. Radon gas is created when uranium in the soil decays. The gas then seeps through any access point into a home. Common entry points are cracks in the foundation, poorly sealed pipes, ... Read more